C.W. Roberts Contracting, Inc.’s (CWR) first and highest commitment is to safety, for our employees and public entering our projects and jobsites. Our safety management and project teams are committed to a continuing, comprehensive safety program that abides by a “zero incident” culture. This fundamental principle has become a cornerstone of our culture and adopted by all team members as a value by which we live and work every day.

Safety Starts at the Top

Our goal is to work in a safe environment free from accidents or injury. To accomplish this, our philosophy and attitude about safety starts at the top and continues throughout the entire organization. Our president requires that our leadership cultivate this safety culture throughout all aspects of our business, including work production. Our team of safety professionals ensures that all employees are committed to and participate in CWR’s health and safety plan.

Safety Management Team

The CWR Safety Management team performs daily safety meetings and job hazard analysis reviews for each project, as well as tracks all near misses and accidents. They measure and analyze trends to continuously improve safety at CWR. CWR’s leadership team meets with our partners once a year for a two-day Safety Summit for continued training education and to share ideas and best practices.

Safety Committee

CWR has also developed a safety committee which is led by the President and Safety Director. This committee meets quarterly and includes representatives from all levels of our team. Since its conception, the safety committee has introduced several new ideas that have become part of CWR safety policy. One example is to use a green cone instead of an orange cone to identify overhead lines to our employees.

Employee Training

Employee training is vital for maintaining a culture of safety on every project site. CWR provides its employees with the appropriate tools to keep themselves and others safe by offering continuous task / hazard-specific training both in the field and in formal meetings and seminars. New employees go through a safety orientation and training prior to entering the field.  We train our employees and give them the autonomy to cease work on a job if they see an unsafe working condition. Once a year, we shut down all operations and provide all employees safety training specific to the type of work they perform.

100% Commitment to Safety

We take pride in our 100% total commitment to an ongoing safety program. This commitment has resulted in CWR’s exceptional safety record over the years. In 2017, CWR was awarded the “Fleet Safety Award” by the Florida Trucking Association. Our safety goal remains the same for every job – everyone goes home safely.