CWR cultivates healthy relationships with all of our subcontractors and suppliers to deliver successful projects. Please contact the appropriate office’s estimating department to see what bidding opportunities exist. If you have not registered with us, please do so here.  If you are looking for a price on your project, please contact the appropriate office and we will be glad to discuss your project with you. We look forward to working with you now and into the future.

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Disadvantaged Businesses Enterprise (DBE) / Affirmative Action Plan

It is CWR policy that disadvantaged businesses, defined by 49 CFR part 26, Subpart D and implemented under Rule Chapter 14-78, F.A. C., shall have the opportunity to participate as subcontractors and suppliers on all contracts awarded by the Florida Department of Transportation. CWR and its subcontractors shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sex or age in the administration of the contracts with the Florida Department of Transportation.

DBE Subs/Suppliers are strongly encouraged to participate!

C.W. Roberts Contracting, Inc. is committed to:

  • Providing interested DBE’s technical assistance or information related to the plans, specifications and requirements for work to be subcontracted or supplied by these DBE’s.
  • Assisting interested DBE’s in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, materials or related assistance or services.
  • Sub-dividing bid items into economically feasible work units to allow DBE’s every advantage to quoting the project.

C.W. Roberts Contracting, Inc. asks that all Non-DBE Subs and Suppliers also utilize DBE Subs and Suppliers to increase our overall DBE participation on FDOT projects.